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The Donas

Located in an ideal part of Studio City, The Donas is a development of incredibly upscale single family homes. Every single residential property in this cozy and beautiful community is a single-family home. Tucked away in the Studio City Hills, every street name begins with the word “Doña” (pronounced daw-nyah), which is a respectful term in Spanish meaning “Madam”. Most of these homes were built in the 1960’s, featuring unique mid-20th-century architecture. Many homes in The Donas have a wonderful view of the San Fernando Valley. The neighborhood lies along Laurel Canyon Boulevard, bordering Mulholland Drive to the south and with Ventura Boulevard a little to the north. This makes for easy access to West Hollywood, as well. According to the Carpenter Community Charter map, homes in this area lie in their school district.

The Los Donas area of Studio City is perfect for anyone looking to buy a home who looks to get the most from the Studio City area. The Donas are conveniently located near lots of shops, restaurants, and galleries on Ventura Boulevard. Additionally, many parks and hiking trails are also nearby, such as the beautiful Wilacre Park.